7 ChatGPT-4o Prompts


7 个 ChatGPT-4o 提示,会让你惊掉下巴

7 ChatGPT-4o Prompts

  1. 草图到应用代码

提示:“根据 [插入应用程序类型] 上传的设计模型生成应用程序的代码。提供实现 [插入特定功能] 等功能的详细代码和说明。 Prompt: “Generate the code for an app based on the uploaded design mockup for [insert app type]. Provide detailed code and explanations for implementing features such as [insert specific features].”

  1. 通用网络爬虫

提示:“在网络上搜索 [在此处插入主题] 并从网站中提取相关数据。提供信息,包括网站 URL、标题和内容的简要描述。 Prompt: “Search the web for [insert topic here] and extract relevant data from websites. Provide the information including the website URL, title, and a brief description of the content.”

  1. 求职助理

提示:“在 [插入位置] 的 [插入字段/行业] 中搜索职位列表。提供职位名称、公司名称和简要描述以及申请链接。 Prompt: “Search for job listings in [insert field/industry] in [insert location]. Provide the job titles, company names, and brief descriptions along with application links.”

  1. 历史价格走势 提示:“检查过去五年 [股票代码] 的历史价格走势。通过网络识别影响股价的重大事件,并创建相关的可视化时间表和图表。 Prompt: “Examine the historical price movements of [stock symbol] over the past five years. Identify significant events that impacted the stock price via the web, and create relevant visual timelines and charts.”

  2. 产品价格对比 提示:“在不同的在线零售商中搜索 [插入产品] 的最优惠价格。提供零售商名称、价格和产品页面链接。 Prompt: “Search for the best prices for [insert product] across different online retailers. Provide the retailer names, prices, and links to the product pages.”

  3. 请 ChatGPT-4o 帮助您更好地使用 ChatGPT。 提示:“写一份初学者指南,解释如何使用提示、启动和角色来充分利用 ChatGPT。包括清晰的例子,并将指南保持在 500 字以内。 Prompt: “Write a beginner’s guide explaining how to use prompts, priming, and personas to get the most out of ChatGPT. Include clear examples and keep the guide under 500 words.”

  4. 冰箱食谱查找器 提示:“根据我冰箱的这张照片中可见的食材,建议一些我可以做晚餐的食谱。包括每个食谱的分步说明。 Prompt: “Based on the ingredients visible in this photo of my fridge, suggest a few recipes I can cook for dinner. Include step-by-step instructions for each recipe.”